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Learn from leading experts & the esteemed author of Bioprocessing Piping & Equipment Design. Get trained by the best, our teachers are Professional Engineers & active ASME code committee members.

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Real life examples from trainers with decades of experience in the field of their subject.  Active engineers in their fields from large multi-nationals, and specialized consulting backgrounds.  Learn from the best and transfer these skills into your job or practise.

Cutting edge code and standard insights

Many of our courses are delivered by ASME code and Standard committee members, National Board Authorized inspectors, and Engineering consultants with up-to-date knowledge of the latest developments in pressure systems engineering, materials, welding, inspection, construction management and system commissioning and integration.

Training for seasoned professionals & the layperson alike

We train Level 1, 2 or 3 piping inspectors, contractors, owner’s inspectors, and pipe fitters, to name a few. No matter your background, there is a course for you that will advance your knowledge in your field. Our personalized approach enables Q&A, pre-course submission of questions, and the ability to contact the trainer after the course has been successfully completed.

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Sign up for a webinar at a specified date and time, or go at your own pace and take a video training course. Our live courses are recorded and formatted into on-demand courses so that you will never miss a thing. Sign up today and start learning!

Free Video Course

Why Canadian Registration Numbers?

This FREE short course will demystify why CRNs are required in Canada, and what this means for mechanical engineers and industry.

Video Training

Take courses at your own pace with pre-recorded lectures and quizzes.

Intensive 3-Part Seminar | Piping Design for Industrial Facilities

This 6.5hr course will provide the piping designer and engineer with the broad, but specific information they need to perform their job more efficiently and effectively.

How to Build a Safe B31.3 Piping System and What Are the Canadian Regulatory Requirements?

Take this course if you are in biopharma, brewing, fermenting, oil & gas, LNG, pulp & paper, processed food, etc. — anywhere pressure piping is used.

2-for-1 Course | High Purity Design, Fabrication and Inspection: ASME BPE Standard + Canadian Registration Numbers

Construction and inspection to ensure hygiene and pressure safety.

Vaccine production and Storage Facility Standards and inspection methods

The ASME Bioprocessing equipment Standard is a listed standard in the ASME B31.3 Process piping code representing decades of know-how provided by engineers, chemists, inspectors and owners of the worlds largest pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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This is an unprecedented time where highly skilled people are in demand, in a world that needs professionals with advanced training to solve difficult problems and keep the economy moving forward. We train professionals.

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Our training staff come from industry, have decades of experience, and write the codes and standards for safety in North America and the world. Let them transfer their knowledge to you.

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As economies shift in response to COVID-19 our training platform has adapted to deliver live and in person courses designed for a virtual world.

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